Once again, I’ve rebooted my blog. I hope it will stick this time. In the almost-year since I posted last, I’ve started working on a couple of new projects on the web team at Adobe. One is a design comp to code workflow tool that’s based on Project Parfait. The other is around on-device preview that I’m excited to talk more about in the coming months.

I’ve also started trying to use the Creative Cloud more and more. As the team has added features, it’s become potentially very interesting for web designers. I’ll be spending some time talking about how to use some of the features of the Creative Cloud in a web context.

Mostly though, I just missed writing. I really miss the connection I felt like I had with people who came across my blog, and while Twitter is nice, I still have faith in long form content. So I’ll give it a go and see what sticks.

This design should definitely be considered far from final. I’ve got quite a few tweaks I want to make including adding comments, polishing up some of the menu items, and fleshing out a few more pages. But I figured it’s better to start somewhere.