It’s been about a year and a half since I jumped from evangelism to product management at Adobe. In that year and a half I’ve been on a bit of a crash course, sometimes skidding against the wall, sometimes making a solid turn. But I’ve learned a tremendous amount and it has been immensly rewarding to talk to customers and build software that they use.

Which is why I’m really excited to be able to announce that I’ve got a slightly new, expanded role. In addition to the “PSD Lens” project we’ve been working on, I’m taking on the product manager role for Brackets. All of this is under the umbrella of “Coding for Design” which is what my focus is going to be going forward.

It’s going to be an exciting ride and I think that coding for design fits in perfectly with Adobe’s focus on creatives. We’re seeing design and development start to intersect incredibly creative people embrace code on the web. There is a broad spectrum of roles with varying degrees of design and development required and Adobe is in a great position to provide tools and services along that spectrum. The most exciting part of the spectrum for me is where design meets front end development.

We have a platform in Brackets on which to test and deliver some innovative ideas for designers who code and developers who touch design. And there are lots of ways that we can embrace modern web techniques in our exsiting tools to make them more efficient where design and development intersect.

If you have thoughts on coding for design, or are up for talking about how you work and the tools you use, I’d love to chat with you. Feel free to drop me an email -